5 Gorgeous Pool Landscaping Ideas 

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Pool owners should not limit their pool landscaping with dull, customary concrete walkways if they dream of having a gorgeous view in their backyard. An inviting seating area, upgraded paving, and attractive lighting are achievable given that you combine both softscaping and hardscaping in your landscape ideas.  



El Paso fence company gives their ideas on how to have a gorgeous pool landscape besides having the usual concrete around the waters, and here is the list: 


  1. Rock Walls – the crystal clear water can be beautifully contrasted with the earthly colors of natural rocks. And even if you decide to create and build artificial rocks, they still alluringly blend well with the pool. Add some elevated boulders around the pool’s edge. 


With regards to the design, structure, and color, we recommend that you hire a professional landscaper to take into account your preferences and needs for the landscaping project.  


  1. Wooden deck – a wooden deck also blends well with the natural color of the water. This also adds an interesting element to the pool area and gives you more space to sit on. 


There are multiple benefits that a wooden deck provides besides aesthetics and space. It will also serve as an attractive spot for visitors while staying in the pool. You can also add a patio table for an exquisite morning breakfast or a romantic dinner.  


Remember to elevate the wooden deck to create an illusion of space.  


  1. Firepit – if you can invest more in your pool area, installing a built-in fire pit is a great idea. This is ideal if you like to hang out with friends and have visitors in the house because it betters the night experience during an evening socialization. A built-in fire pit can cost you around $700 dollars, but it will definitely be worth the penny. 


  1. Minimalism – modern aesthetics are tinged with minimalism, so if you are a minimalist and do not like intricate designs, consider having a maintained turf around the pool and a narrow deck on the side. Choose light colors and avoid bombarding your pool area with random and incohesive design elements. 


Many homeowners, especially those with smart homes, opt for a minimalist and modern type of pool design. These create two practical benefits: first, it looks stylish and sophisticated; and second, it is economical. 


  1. Plants – the most natural elements you can incorporate in your pool landscape, which are also the best and most economical designs (depending on the type of plants and materials you use). For a resort-like design, consider having built-in planters for trees, shrubs, and flowers on the one hand.


On the other hand, have hibiscus, hostas, ferns, and lush plants for a more tropical-like pool landscape design.  





Besides the five design elements mentioned above, try building a shaded lounge for additional space, hover on the Xeriscaping and hire a professional if the budget allows, replace your concrete pavement with grass, build a waterfall for an extra attraction, and/or built a poolside bar.  


All of these ideas will surely add more gorgeousness to your pool landscape! 

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