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5 Tips for a Successful Podcast in 2021 

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The podcast industry is booming since the start of the pandemic partly because most people find ways to cure their boredom while learning something interesting. So, if you are considering communicating your ideas, thoughts, and interests to the huge public, then launching a podcast is ideal. 

However, the competition is also difficult to beat. With more than 800,000 podcasts out there, you need to have the proper skills and equipment that will move you up the ladder. Consider these five (5) tips for a successful podcast launch in 2021. 


  1. Create ideas – identify what you like discussing and learning about. The first step into creating content is to have an idea to be shared. The pro of focusing on the topic or topics that interest you is that the process will never be tedious, and you will never run out of motivation to pursue and maintain your podcast. Identify your strength and use it as your leverage. 


Determine the format. Do you like the podcast to be dialogic, where you invite other people to share their ideas? Perhaps, you fancy it when you monopolize the discussion, so consider a monologue type of podcast.  


Brainstorm your ideas and format and proceed to the next step. 


  1. Have the right equipment – ideas are essential, but launching and maintaining a podcast will necessitate you to have the right equipment. Having a good microphone, a high-end recorder, and the necessary equipment will result in the best-quality audio output for your content. Take note that podcast relies on audio so providing a low-quality sound output will drive out audience. If you do not have the right tools yet, consider Austin recording studios for professional help and book a slot. They have the high-end equipment that will step up your podcast content.


  1. Edit – similar to publishing content online, publishing your podcast episode needs to be edited and revised. Consider removing all the fillers like “umms” and “uhs.” These sounds diminish the credibility of your content. Moreover, add some bumpers and stingers to avoid having dull content that exhibits only dialogue or pure monologue. Remove the noise, and listen intently. Remove all the unnecessary sound elements that diminish the audio and content quality. 


If you are not skilled with podcasting editing yet, consider hiring a professional audio editor while taking classes on how to do it. Do not waste time.  


  1. Make use of popular platforms – platforms like Spotify, Libsyn, and Soundcloud are good starting points to find a place to launch your episodes and find an audience. According to Statista, Spotify has 158 million users in the first quarter of 2021, while Soundcloud currently has more than 30 million creators. 


However, do not stop at merely utilizing these free platforms. When you can, self-host and own your XML. Furthermore, When considering creating your own website, own your domain, copyright, and RSS feed. All of these will ensure that your content and hard work will not be taken advantage of by others.  



  1. Take care of your brand – Having followers that support your content takes a big responsibility. Be consistent with your effort, connect with them, and increase brand equity. If you take care of the quality you provide to the audience, this will secure commissions and sponsors in the future. 


Final Thoughts 


Work on your ideas, invest in the right equipment, hone your skills, and take care of your brand. While this sounds easier than done, remember that everything takes hard work, and it is up to you if you choose hard than easy; the results will differ. 


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